EagleNet Financial Aid

Welcome to the Alice Lloyd College Online Financial Aid System (EagleNet). You can:


  • Check the status of your application
  • View a list of documents we've received from you and a list of the documents still outstanding 
  • View your financial aid awards 
  • View your student loan history
  • Check the status of your student loans for the current year.

Log In Instructions

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To access the financial aid portion of EagleNet, enter your Student ID and your Eaglenet Financial Aid PIN. If you haven't been assigned a PIN yet, please contact the Financial Aid Office at financialaid@alc.edu


You must have a financial aid record already established at Alice Lloyd College in order to use this system. If you have not begun the financial aid application process, you can get started by completing online the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Enter our school code, 001950, on your application and we will automatically receive a copy. This process takes approximatley 72 hours after submitting. Once we receive your information, we'll notify you of your PIN once your financial aid awarding process has started.